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Classic Set


Serpent Hatchling: A strong tempo card that synergises perfectly with cards that gain Chi.

Golden Lotus Elder: When played, players will be able to select a friendly minion to provide additional attack and health to. The amount will depend on how much chi the player selects to consume.

Drunken Kegmaster: A minion that can be used as removal and can create card advantage for the player.

Cloud Serpent: A stronger version of Serpent Hatchling with the additional Taunt.

Sha of Hatred: A strong finishing card for the Monk class. Combines perfectly with self-damaging cards and existing friendly minions on the board for an OTK finish.


Guard: A buff card that provides a minion with +1 Health and Attack, as well as the Taunt ability.

Rising Sun Kick: A removal spell that increases in damage depending on the amount of Chi consumed.

Ascension: A buff card that provides a minion with +3 Health and Attack.

Chi Wave: A spell similar to the Paladin’s Avenging Wrath spell. It will throw 5x 1 damage hits at random enemy characters. After the damaging process is over, the spell will throw 3x 1 healing hits at random friendly characters.


Crystal Spire of Karabor: A weapon that heals a random friendly character whenever the Hero attacks.

Bladefist: A weapon that gains +2 durability if 3 chi is consumed when the card is played.

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