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Basic Set


Pandarean Trainee: The concept behind this card is very similar to the Northshire Cleric. Players will be able to draw cars with the use of their hero power at the cost of tempo. Players will also be able to draw multiple cards with the use of spells or minions that generate more than 1 chi.

This feature may be too powerful and may be changed to “Draw a card every time you gain chi.” The change in text will allow the player to draw 1 card instead of several when multiple chi is gained. Further testing is required.

Shrine Guardian: The concept behind this card is identical to the Shaman’s Unbound Elemental. The Shrine Guardian will gain +1 health and +1 whenever chi is gained. This means that even if the player gains multiple chi at once, the minion will only gain +1/+1.

Golden Lotus Elder: When played, players will be able to select a friendly minion to provide additional attack and health to. The amount will depend on how much chi the player selects to consume.


Crackling Jade Lightning: A typical cheap removal card. However instead of freezing (Frostbolt) or drawing a card (Quick Shot), this card will generate 1 chi.

Resuscitate: Similar the Priest’s Resurrection card. The difference here is that Resuscitate can also summon an enemy’s dead minion.

Transcendence: This card’s feature is unique to Hearthstone and the first of its kind. Its purpose is very flexible. It can act as a de-silencer, silencer, healer or a one-time windfury effect for charger minions.


Turn 1: Player A buffs a Pandarean Trainee with Purifying Brew and, its stats will grow from 1/3 to 1/4.

Turn 4: The opponent silences Pandarean Trainee, their stats will revert back to 1/3 and their ability will no longer activate.

Turn 5: Player A uses Transcendence on the Pandarean Trainee, it will then revert back to a 1/4 minion with its full ability. This is because the minion had 1/4 worth of stats and its full ability at the start of the previous turn.

Serenity: A strong card for players in various situations. It can be used to draw 3 cards when combined with Pandarean Trainee or it could be used to power Chi Explosion in order to wipe the enemy’s board with 5 damage of AoE.


Splintershard: A strong weapon that provides tempo for the player.

Chi Explosion: An AoE spell that increases in damage depending on the amount of Chi consumed.

Renewing Mist: A new type of healing card in Hearthstone. Once the card is used on a character, the character will receive a temporary buff that heals for 3 health 3 times. The first heal will occur as soon as the spell is used and the remaining 2 times will be at the start of the next two turns.

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