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Zen Purification (Game)


Program(s): Unreal Engine 4


This prototype game was created as an academic project for my Studio 1 unit. The game follows a monk whose quest involves the purification of the evil energy present in the maze-like world. This project provided a lot of creative freedom. The only requirement was that I had to somehow incorporate the song, Ketsa - Within the Earth.


My first thought from hearing this song was that the player was on an adventure. Not a rugged and difficult adventure, but more of a journey of self-discovery filled with harmony, which led me to the creation of this prototype!


Zen Purification is a 3rd person game. The main mechanic is to cleanse all the negative energy while avoiding the enemy AI before the timer runs out. What makes the game special is that each playthrough is never the same. The energy, powerups, and even the environment spawns in random locations each time.

At the moment, the game is in a prototype phase. The next step is to add different levels.


Zen Purification currently has 2 different powerups that aid the player with their quest. The first powerup is a simple speed boost that gives the player a blue material with a glow. The second powerup is an invisibility shield that hides the player from enemy sights, allowing them to move around with much more ease.


Game Designer: Duy Tran

Programmer: Duy Tran

Level Designer: Duy Tran, Kel Mcnamara

Sound Engineer: Duy Tran

Evil Energy
Top View
Roaming AI
Agro AI
Purified Energy
Speed Powerup
Invisible Powerup
Evil Energy Model
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