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Wooden Adventures (Game)


Program(s): Unreal Engine 4, Adobe Photoshop 2015


This prototype game was created as an academic project for my Studio 1 unit. The game follows Billy, a man who lives a free life in the wild. But without his knowledge, his beautiful forest has been invaded by monsters who have ravaged its lush greenery overnight. Billy's only chance at survival is to collect the remaining wood in order to construct a house to live in!

Wooden Adventures is a 2D platformer game. The main mechanic is to collect a certain amount of wood per level in order to complete it. However, the catch is that the player needs to utilize the collected wood along the way in order to reach the end. This is done by quickly building wooden crates with a drop of a button that Billy uses as a boost to reach other platforms. There are several puzzle solving elements in Wooden Adventures because players need to figure out optimal paths in order to conserve their wood supply.

Another addition the puzzle solving element is that players are able to destroy crates and retrieve the same amount of wood that was used to create it. Players may also use a tree as a boost instead of creating a create which is much more economical because it takes several trees to create only 1 crate.

At the moment, the game is in a prototype phase. The next step is to add artificial intelligence in the form of monsters and possibly

Wood System

Game Designer: Duy Tran

Programmer: Duy Tran

Artist: Joshua McCallister

Level Designer: Duy Tran, Joshua Mccallister

Sound Engineer: Duy Tran

The Wood system in Wooden Adventures is very flexible. The player can use trees to collect wood and/or use it as a platform. They may also destroy crates to reclaim back the wood used to create it.

Wooden Adventures8
Wooden Adventures9
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Wooden Adventures7
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