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Program(s): Assembla, Steam

"The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is a tabletop adventure come to life! This fantasy solo RPG combines unique, simultaneous turn-based combat with a journey that changes based on each figurine you take into Firetop Mountain! Which hero will you take into Zagor's lair THIS time?"

Tin Man Games

The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is the first professional project that I ever worked on as an intern at Tin Man Games. Having been approved for the SAE Internship Program an entire year early, I was only given the option of performing QA tasks, however, I was lucky enough that my performance warranted me with design, balancing and narrative tasks. I joined the team approximately 1-2 months before the game was released, so the majority of the game was already completed, but I was fortunate enough to have enough work to keep me occupied.

Game Design

- Designing new encounters depending on player attributes

- Designing new side-quests for Alfina Skyrider and Vignor Firestorm

- Designed alternatives and complexity to characters and encounters depending on their attributes and unique descriptions

- Designed entire backstories for Alfina Skyrider and Vignor Firestorm


- Suggested and documented tweaks to character stats to balance gameplay

- Suggested and documented tweaks to character abilities to balance gameplay

QA Tester

- Discovering and reproducing bugs

- Reporting bugs to co-workers through Assembla

- Testing every single character in every single scenario

- Testing for player enjoyment

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