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Ghost of Tsushima Combat Analysis PT. 3

Hi! This post is the final part in the series. I hope you've learned something if you're this far in!

Previous Parts:

Part 1

Part 2

1:36 - 1:39 - Player blocks the boss’ normal attack right before the attack lands, resulting in a Perfect Parry


A Perfect Parry knocks the attacking enemy back and staggers them for an extended period. So why did the devs introduce this mechanic in their game?

My Reasoning:

I think it was for the same reason that they introduced the Unblockable Attack mechanic. To disincentivize players from simply holding up their block ability until the end of time and to encourage them to put it up at the right moment only.

It is also super satisfying when you’re able to pull it off. There is a noticeable difference between just simply blocking an enemy attack compared to perfectly parrying. A very noticeable Hit Pause is triggered during a Perfect Parry.

But if you’re not feeling up for the high risk, high reward gamble, then you can still dodge roll away to be safe. The option is always there for more seasoned players.

3:50 - Player is surrounded by 4 enemies, but only 1-2 attack at once

My Reasoning:

The player’s combat abilities and mechanics aren’t designed to fight numerous enemies at once. It’s designed to face and defeat 1 at a time. So if more enemies attacked the player at once, they would be overwhelmed and achieving victory would be very difficult.

Also because the game is trying to sell the fantasy of being a kick ass samurai. Historically samurais fought honourably in 1 on 1 duels. So it might be hard to remain true to the samurai experience if you’re slashing groups of numerous enemies at once.

End Note

I hope you got something out of reading my rambling! There's so much more to this game that I missed and couldn't include in this series, but maybe I'll get to that one day! I learned so much about Combat Design from playing Ghost of Tsushima and from rewatching clips of others. It also provided me with countless hours of entertainment, so thank you Sucker Punch Productions.

And thank you Derek Daniels foro your insightful blog posts on Combat Design. This is the sort of design that I want to work in one day, so I'll definitely continue my journey down this path to reach it.

Thanks for reading. Peace out!

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