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(VR Game)


Program(s): Unity, Maya


Orion's Leap was created for my 5th trimester at SAE Qantm, Melbourne as an academic project. Orion’s Leap is a single player, Virtual Reality aerial grapple based platforming action game where players take on the role of the last Custodian on terraforming station that is situated above a ‘to be developed’ gas giant within the Andromeda galaxy.


A catastrophic glitch within the support robot code has caused a hostile robotic takeover event where all drones and assistant machines have become haywire, and seek to destroy human life, as well as jeopardizing all hopes of terraforming the gas giant below. The Commander, who oversees the terraforming project and his crew retreated to a space station above the planet when the takeover occurred, however soon realises that they have forgotten someone… their worst, most unreliable Custodian in record. Hesitantly, they upgrade his equipment in order to make the repairs necessary to return the Citadel back to some form of normality.


Project Manager: Rhys Sellars

Game Designer: Duy T ran, Rhys Sellars, Josh McAllister, Sandstone, Dennis Spindzdos, Kevin Lau

Level Designer: Duy Tran, Josh McAllister, Sandstone

Environmental Artist: Duy Tran, Dennis Spindzdos

Character Artist: Kevin Lau

Rigger: Sarah Elliott

Modeller: Evan Jenkins

Programmer: Jaris Rener

Writer: Sandstone

Audio Producer: Corey Taylor, Jordan Duggan, Insan Basrewan

UI/UX Designer: James Chandler

Voice Actor: Paige East

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My Responsibilities

Game Designer:

- Contributed to the creation and ongoing additions of the following documents relevant to the project

          - Game Design Document

          - Level  Design Document

          - Asset List

- Incepted numerous project's ideas from start to finish

- Tested that the game met the minimum requirement for avoiding motion sickness

- Tested the game for bugs and user experience

Level Designer

- Designed and placed every aspect of the Forest Level

- Tested that the Forest Level functioned as was detailed in the Level  Design Document

Environmental Artist

- 3D modelled numerous objects in the City and Forest Levels

          - Different variations of houses

          - Floating signs / billboards

          - Floating street lights

          - Floating trach can

          - Floating plants

          - Different variations of Redwood style tree trunks

          - Different variations of Redwood style branches

          - Different variations of bushes

          - Platforms that are attached to the trees

- UVed all models built by myself

- Ensured that the models followed a modular system to allow for reuse without player noticability

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