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Forest World (Resource Survival)


Program(s): Unreal Engine 4


This game was created as an academic project for my scripting class. The goal of the game is to find natural resources in the forest in order to replenish the player's vital resources; health, stamina, warmth and food.


One of the main functions of the game is that all of the natural resources that spawn in the forest are generated randomly. That is, the location and resource itself always spawn in different locations, making the game a fresh experience everytime. Another function is that the player will always drown when they enter the lake, however, they may gain access to the wonderous treasures below the lake if they discover and use the rare water breathing plant that grows naturally in the forest.



At the moment, the game is in a prototype phase. The next step is to add artificial intelligence in the form of wild animals that can be hunted for meat and the replacement of the gun for melee weapons.


This entire game was completed as a solo project, therefore all roles were filled by myself.

Survival (no trees)
Watchtower First Aid Kit
Watchtower Canned Beans
Inventory System
Abandoned House
Abandoned Camp
Inventory System

The inventory system in Forest World works as such: the item is picked up from the ground, it ends up in the player's inventory where the player has a set of options available. The options are to use or drop the item back on the ground

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