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Unreal Tournament Level (Placement Texture)


Program(s): Unreal Tournament, Photoshop


Level Objective: Capture the Flag


This level was created as an academic project for my level design class. The map's setting takes place in a military base where two opposing factions, the corrupt Government and the Rebels face off.


The map contains 3 different levels that possess unique strengths and weaknesses, providing players with multiple paths and decisions when trying to retrieve their enemy's flag. The entire level is built with Binary Space Partitioning (BSP), an Unreal Engine 4 function where additive shapes a built and subractive BSPs are added to sculpt it. All placement textures were created through the use of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.


At the moment, the level is in a complete placement texture phase. The next step is to to add realistic final texturing to all the BSP surfaces.


This entire game was completed as a solo project, therefore all roles were filled by myself.

Bird's Eye View
Bird's Eye View 4
Bird's Eye View 3
Bird's Eye View 2
Watchtower Sniper
Underground Level
Roof Level
Rebel Base - Gym
Rebel Base - Bedroom
Rebel Base - Bathroom & Shower
Ramp 3
Ramp 2
Launch Pad
Giant Hole
Army Base - Spy Room
Army Base - Server Room
Army Base - Interrogation Room
Army Base - Foyer Room
Army Base - Communications Room
Armory B
Armory A
Watch Tower - Player Perspective
Armory A
Armory B - Broken Wall (Unslected)
Armory B - Broken Wall (Selected)
Damaged BSP - Lit (Selected)
Damaged BSP - Lit (Unselected)
Entire Map - Bird's Eye 1
Entire Map - Bird's Eye 2
Entire Map - Bird's Eye 3
Entire Map - Bird's Eye 4
Underground 2
Watch Tower - Bird's Eye
Underground 1
Roof Level - Helipad
Rebel Underground Entrance
Rebel Base - Bedroom
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