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Program(s): Google Sheets

Fiend Legion is an online high-fantasy collectable Trading Card game currently in development by

"Capture the spirits of mythology’s most fearsome beasts in Spree Entertainment’s debut title, Fiend Legion – a strategic turn-based card game, featuring a high-fantasy world filled with all kinds of magic and monsters to discover.

Fight through the beautiful solo-campaign maps and collect the souls of new creatures. Each level is a chapter of the Fiend story with a boss to defeat.  You will have to constantly discover new strategies to come out the victor."


Fiend Legion is the third professional project that I have worked on and most likely my final as a student. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into the studio as a QA tester in preparation for PAX Melbourne 2017 where the game will be revealed to the public.

The aim of Fiend Legion is to destroy the other player's tower located at the other side of the board by summon minions with cards and marching them into battle. Players build decks from cards purchased through the Pack Store where they have an option of purchasing 3 different types of packs that provide different card rarities.

Players are pitted in an online battle against another live player in an epic battle for supremacy, but if online battle isn't your preference, players have the option of playing a single-player campaign mode against AI.

My responsibilities include:

QA Tester

- Discovering and reproducing bugs

- Reporting bugs to co-workers through Google Sheets

- Testing every single card in every single scenario

- Testing for player enjoyment

- Testing for User Experience

- Determining all card's weaknesses and strengths

- Building different decks to test synergies



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